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Energy Efficiency

Our Energy-Plus combination of LoE Coated Glass, Argon Glass and the Warm-Edge Super-Spacer® doubles the insulating ability of the space between glass panes.

The Triple-Pane Difference

Comprised of 3 layers of glass, triple pane units reduce noise, offer higher insulating performance up to R-6.7*, and reduces condensation significantly.
*based on center of the glass

Corner Drive Lock

The Corner Drive Lock mechanism will improve the air, water, and structural test ratings. This mechanism allows you to lock and completely seal the most vulnerable part of the window which adds an extra layer of security and comfort for your home.

Argon Gas

Argon is used to fill the space between window panes. As a clear non-toxic gas that's heavier than air, Argon reduces exterior noise and offers better resistance to heat loss.

Warm-Edge Super-Spacer

Super Spacer® effectively blocks the heat escape path for premium energy efficiency while eliminating condensation, which can lead to harmful mold growth around your windows.

LoE Glass

Low Emissivity gall increases energy efficiency and reduces the transfer of heat or cold through the glass. LoE glass keeps home warmer in winter and cooler in the summer.


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Windows & Doors

Our wide variety of selection makes it easy for you to select the perfect windows and doors for your home all the while having the best energy efficient solution.
You have a specific design in mind? We can make it happen!

PVC Windows

PVC Windows

Unlike other materials, PVC is virtually maintenance-free. It requires no painting and is energy efficient, sealing your home against any kind of weather. PVC windows are a great value option for your home and allow for a multitude of design possibilities.

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Entrance & Patio Doors

Browse through an endless amount of features and design options for your energy efficient entrance and patio door solutions.

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Window Design Options

Windows Shapes
Choose from a variety of window shapes, sizes, and configuration options.

Customize your design! Choose between the glass grilles or exterior-mounted divided tiles.

greenfoot windows are extremely airtight.
ask us about our ventilation packages.


Greenfoot now offers with each windows & doors package a FREE blower door test which will allow us to ensure that our product has been installed to our standards.

With this blower door test, we will depressurize your home to create a negative pressure meaning air will want to penetrate the home through cracks such as electrical outlets, attic hatches and window casings...

We will be able to physically feel with our hands if air is coming through the windows & doors system and have your package Greenfoot Certified.

* Greenfoot does not endorse any windows & doors installers therefore we will provide you with a remediation report if needed.