Greenfoot Energy 
Solutions Inc.

Greenfoot energy solutions Inc. was founded by a team of energy advisors looking to share their knowledge to the Atlantic provinces. Having conducted over 3000 energy audits combined through government retrofit programs, and with the uncertainty of the programs in place, they decided to branch out and offer a "one stop shop" for energy saving upgrades to homeowners. With the vision of offering diversified products and services, they could offer un-biased expert advice to their clients.

The experience that the installation crews have gained through government programs have been key to our success as getting top quality work done on time is what we are looking for on every project.



This friendly green yeti is a symbol of our company's commitment to green initiatives… Reducing your carbon footprint is vital to helping in the fight against climate change. GreenFoot has no carbon footprint. He lives in the wild, doesn't own a car, eats local wild foods and is self sustainable. You too can become just like GreenFoot!

How you ask?
-      Starting with your home or business, reduce and offset your energy consumption…
-      Next, look at your methods of transportation. Electric cars are getting more and more efficient and affordable…
-      The next step would be to look at your habits. What do you consume... Are you buying eco-Friendly products that are biodegradable? Did you know that most products you chose to buy have a eco-friendly choice that can significantly reduce your effect on the environment?
-   Try buying food produced locally to help reduce transportation and also support your local economy.

Becoming a Greenfoot ambassador means promoting sustainable practices and reducing your carbon footprint.