Greenfoot Energy 
Solutions Inc.

Greenfoot Energy Solutions was founded in 2014 by a team wanting to advance the energy efficiency sector in Atlantic Canada.

Having owned and operated an energy auditing company for the last 8 years and administering over 30,000 energy assessments, Joe Godbout, CEO & Founder, felt that providing energy efficiency upgrade recommendations alone was not enough.

The challenge in the industry was that most companies only offered one or two services which meant that in most cases, homeowners were offered a one size fits all solution to all their problems. How could homeowners trust the contractor's recommendations if they only offered one solution?

Providing UNBIASED energy efficiency recommendations could only be successful if someone could offer the entire range of home efficiency upgrades therefore eliminating any and all conflicts of interest.

It was at that moment that Greenfoot was born.

5 years later, Greenfoot is over 120 employees strong and has locations throughout the Maritimes with plans on expanding throughout Canada and the United States.

Energy Advisors first, salespeople second. That is the Greenfoot approach.

Greenfoot Mascot