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Energy Efficient

Pre-heat incoming fresh air through heat recovery,
and improve air quality while controlling moisture levels!
Heat Pump Technician
Over the years, air quality in homes & buildings have become a hot topic as we made buildings tighter and tighter.

By sealing up our buildings, we made them too air tight which meant that the air inside our homes became stale and created negative side effects such as bad air quality and mold/mildew.

As we spend most of our days indoors, air quality becomes very important.
Greenfoot has all your energy efficient fresh air appliance solutions.

We offer a full suite of Heat Recovery Ventilators (HRV's), Energy Recovery Ventilators (ERV's), exhaust fans and even HEPA filtration systems.

You can breathe easy knowing that Greenfoot will recommend and install only the most efficient and functional ventilation systems for your home or business.


Service Guaranteed


We take pride with every Greenfoot ventilation install. Our energy advisors recommend only the best solutions for your home, budget and needs. Our reputation is #1 to us and making sure you get the best service installation possible.

Service Guaranteed


Greenfoot's team consists of seasoned energy advisors, experienced HVAC technicians and customer service representatives. Our no nonsense approach to energy efficiency gives us the ability to offer our clients unbiased advice as to what their home or building needs. That is the Greenfoot experience.

Service Guaranteed


Our goal is to make sure you are 100% fully satisfied with our quality of work and service. We strive to create lifetime relationships with our clients and we want you to enjoy your experience with Greenfoot every step of the way.

Service Guaranteed

Service Team

Our Service-Yeti technicians are dedicated to service. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that Greenfoot's dedicated service division (SERVICE-YETI), can service, repair and maintain your system. Ask us about our maintenance packages!

Every Greenfoot install is performed by certified Red Seal journeyman electricians
and HVAC technicians. This standard ensures we can deliver top quality installs and service to our clients.