Spray foam Insulation

Why is Greenfoot your preferred insulator?

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Greenfoot offers several cost-effective insulation
systems.  Our energy advisors recommend
products that best suit your budget and need, without compromising the integrity of the structure.  The Greenfoot insulation team brings experience; customers appreciate our no-nonsense approach. Our insulators are certified, fully insured and covered under worker’s compensation.  Both residential and commercial projects are welcomed with full satisfaction GUARANTEED.  Energy Advisors first, sales
people second.

Why is insulation my first step in energy efficiency?

A high performing insulation system will minimize heat loss
and air leakage throughout the buildings thermal boundary.  Reduced heat loss = less work for your heating system.   The benefits of a properly insulated home include, lowered heating bills, increased occupant comfort and peace of mind.  Greenfoot energy advisors are trained in building science, we take great pride in recommending effective insulation systems. 

What is difference between open cell & closed cell foam?

With a more compact structure, closed-cell foam is a higher-density spray foam insulation and has many advantages in high moisture content areas such as basements, crawlspaces, exposed floors, sloped ceilings and more.  It is water- resistant, while also serving as a vapour barrier and high performance air barrier. With R-values tested @ R-6 per inch, no wonder this is the preferred choice for insulating your home or business.

Open cell spray foam (AKA ½ lbs foam) would be mostly installed in typical above grade wall applications since moisture can flow through the foam. It will require a vapour barrier and its R-value has been tested @ R-4 per inch. This system would not be recommended in basements unless installed in a dry environment along with a moisture barrier on the concrete wall up to the grade level and then foam installed between framing studs with a vapour barier sealed with acoustic sealant. Not following these steps could lead to possible mold & mildue issues.

Bottom line, in most cases where foam is needed, the most common solution is closed cell polyurethane foam (AKA 2lbs foam)

· Reduce your buildings energy consumption
· Commercial - Residential - Agricultural - Industrial
· All-in-one: Insulation - Air Barrier - Vapour Barrier
· Mold, mildew and rodent resistant
· Highest R-value per inch

Sprayfoam Expert

“Do you have certified spray foam applicators?”

Every Greenfoot foam installer has a minimum of 5 years experience in the industry and have gone through the UFC certification process to become certified. These certifications are important in order to maintain a high level of expertise in applying the foam and also to ensure proper safety requirements are being met. Most of our foam applicators have over 10 years experience and most assistants eventually become applicators themselves as they learn the ins & outs of the foam industry.

Certified Sprayfoam Applicator
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“Sprayfoam VS Batt insulation. Which one is better?”

The answer to this question is……………………..  
“It depends”.

Where you have high levels of moisture, we would recommend spray foam every time.

For example, if you have a stone wall foundation and you want to insulate. There is no other solution than to use spray foam in this case. Small amounts of water seepage will come through and would create mold & mildew if you install batt insulation & vapour barrier.

For areas above grade such as exterior walls, batt insulation and vapour barrier would be the ideal solution assuming the vapour barrier is properly installed and sealed.

Cathedral ceilings, exposed floors such as garage bonus rooms and overhangs are ideal applications for spray foam since they air seal and insulate at the same time.

“Why choose Greenfoot to spray foam my basement?”

Well, simply put, we get the job done! Greenfoot is one of the largest spray foam companies in Atlantic Canada and are continually expanding our fleet of trucks. We strive to provide our staff with the proper tools to get the job done and training to meet our company standards. We love what we do and our team of installers love what they do.

Being in the construction industry, it comes to no surprise that we make mistakes but it is how we react to these mistakes that sets us apart. This is why we offer a satisfaction guarantee and we will not stop until you are satisfied with our work. That is the GREENFOOT way.

“Do you have to add fire-retardant to the spray foam?”

According to the national building code, you have to add a thermal barrier to cover the sprayfoam. There are many ways to do this such as 1\2” drywall, OSB sheeting, Monokote sprayed fire-retardant and other approved methods. We can install any type of fire-retardant so that you are code compliant.

“Do you offer financing for insulation?”

Absolutely! Our financing partners at Financeit can offer flexible financing packages that allow you to pay off your loan at any time without penalties. Save now, pay later. In most cases, the savings you will get from insulating will offset your monthly payments. #nobrainer

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