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Home Energy Savings Program

Save thousands of dollars while improving your home's comfort and lowering your energy bill!

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How Much Can I Save With This Program?

With the 2018 NB Power Rebate Program, there is literally no limits! The more efficiency upgrades you perform for your home, the more you save!

NB Power has divided the incentive amounts in 3 categories.
Good (0-1 Primary Upgrades)
Better (2 Primary Upgrades)
Best (3+ Primary Upgrades)

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Which Upgrades Are Covered by The Program?

The program covers pretty much anything that you can think that would improve your home's energy efficiency. Here are the main upgrades to perform.

Heating Equipment Incentives

As long as you improve your energy efficiency with your new heating system, you'll be eligibles for the rebate program!

Geothermal - Save up to $5,000

Ducted Air Source Heat Pumps - Save up to $1,750

Mini-Split Heat Pumps - Save up to $700

Multiple Insulation Incentive Options

When it comes to insulation, the incentives depends on the type of insulation and how much R-value is added. The more energy efficient, the more you save with rebates and lower your energy bill!

Attic - Save up to $0.95/sq ft with R-60

Sloped/Cathedral Ceiling - Save up to $2.25/sq ft with R-30

Exterior/Main Wall - Save up to $2.25/sq ft with R-30

Basement/Crawlspace - Save up to $2.00/sq ft R-30

Why Choose Greenfoot Energy?

Since we offer multiple services, you will not only receive unbiased energy recommendations, you also get to deal with only one contractor throughout the entire process of upgrading your home's energy efficiency!

Our team of energy experts will guide you through the NB Power Incentives Program to make sure you receive your incentives without any hassle.


and provide you with estimates on recommended energy upgrades.