Energy Efficient Ventilation

With new building codes making houses more and more air tight, the need for mechanical ventilation has never been greater!
Pre-heat incoming fresh air through heat recovery and improve air quality while controlling moisture levels.

Residential, multi-units & commercial jobs welcomed.

“My home is very humid and all my windows have condensation on really cold days. How do I fix this?”

This is a very common problem especially with older homes that renovate over the years making the envelope tighter & tighter such as installing new Energy Star windows & doors, weather stripping and other air sealing renos. On top of a house being too air tight, you are left with bad air quality from various materials in the house that have high levels of VOC’s which are constantly off-gassing within the home making the need for ventilation very important.

Each home needs at a minimum one (1) complete air change every 3 hours according to ASHREA standards. What this basically means is that the air in the house needs to be completely exchanged with new fresh air every 3 hours or 0.33 times every hour. The problem with old ventilation systems is that you were taking that heated air from the house and venting it outside and then bringing in cold fresh air from outside and then reheating it again. This is where a good HRV (Heat Recovery Ventilator) comes in. Here is how it works:

Ventilation Diagram

Prior to exhausting the heated stale air from the house to the outside, it mixes indirectly in a heat exchanger core within the HRV unit with the cold incoming fresh air from outside. The heat exchanger core transfers most heat (around 60% of it) to the cold fresh incoming air from outside. This way, you don’t have to heat the air twice. Talk about energy efficiency! 
**Did you know that in most jurisdictions across Canada, HRV’s are included in the building code? Also it is to be noted that the HRV was first invented and  introduced in Atlantic Canada since our climate had a very high need for this type of efficient ventilation. Who knew right? 

Another cool fact is that these systems are actually built right here in Atlantic Canada (Bouctouche NB) under the brand name Fantech and are sold all over the world!

“Can you help me with my commercial building project?“

Yes we CAN! Greenfoot has the capacity to install these systems in residential and commercial applications. From Rooftop ERV’s in commercial application to residential HRV systems (new construction or retrofits) we do it all.

“Does Greenfoot balance their HRV systems?”

Absolutely! A system is not complete without balancing to avoid un-balanced systems. Such a system could accelerate heat loss through the house either through pressurizing the house or de-pressurizing the home allowing more natural air leakage to occur. The idea is to bring in as much fresh air as you exhaust outside.

“Do you offer
financing for
ventilation systems?”

Absolutely! Our financing partners at Financeit can offer flexible financing packages that allow you to pay off your loan at any time without penalties. Save now, pay later.

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and provide you with estimates on recommended energy upgrades.