Energy Efficiency Analysis and Consulting

Greenfoot offers a wide range of consulting expertise that come with our products and services.

• Heat Loss and Heat Gain Calculations
• Building Air Leakage Testing
• Thermal Imaging
• Custom Energy Audits
• Whole Building Energy Modeling
• Efficient Lighting Design & Retrofit Analysis
• Building Envelope Design and Review
• Efficient HVAC Design & Improvement

We are continuously expanding our knowledge base and keeping up to date with new building science practices and technology advancements.

“What experience do your energy advisor estimators have?”

All Greenfoot EAE (energy advisor estimators) go through our in depth energy advisor training from a certified NRCan certified trainer. Most of our EAE’s have had previous energy auditing experience either through ecoENERGY programs or provincial programs and this is what sets Greenfoot apart. Each EAE also goes through HVAC training through various HRAI courses and follow new technologies through trainings provided by various third party groups.

“How can I trust that Greenfoot will recommend what my house actually needs?”

Simple: Since Greenfoot offers the entire range of energy efficiency services and products that you can think of in the home, you can rest assured that we can offer unbiased advice as to what you home or building actually needs. THAT is the Greenfoot approach.

Can we agree that if you have a contractor that simply does mini-split heat pumps for example to a house, they won’t recommend anything else than a mini-split heat pump? With Greenfoot, we give you options, recommendations and solutions. In many cases, homeowners contact Greenfoot for one service and end up doing another upgrade instead simply because we recommended what their home actually needed. In other instances, homeowners decided to do it all and opted to finance the project since the savings were so incredible!!

Let’s be clear; even if we recommend a upgrade that you weren’t planning on doing, doesn’t mean you have to go forward with everything we mention. This is simply a complementary energy assessment and in the end, you decide what you want to do.

“Is there a charge for consulting services in the list above?”

The short answer is: NO. Although we provide these services for free, we expect that you will take our expertise and generosity into great consideration while choosing your contractor. Remember we can offer you all services within your home and will go the extra mile in making sure the work is well done and that your systems perform as they should.

Please note that we only offer these services while being requested to perform an estimate on a specific project.

“Can you assist homeowners or building owners to apply for available government grants and/or loans?”

Absolutely! We are always up to date with existing government programs and how to apply for these. After all, we used to be working hand in hand with these programs as certified Energy Advisors. With most estimates, we include available estimated rebates from government programs. We strive to make decision making as simple as possible.