Has your home or business gone through the entire Greenfoot service list and still want to do even more? Well great news as Greenfoot now installs SOLAR! Technology advancements has made panels more efficient and production has gone up therefore prices have gone down in equipment costs making your project more feasible. With grid-tied & off grid solutions, Greenfoot offers a wide range of solutions for your solar project.

Whether you are looking to go “Net Zero” or simply looking to produce a portion of your energy consumption or even go completely “OFF GRID”, we can help you in designing your project.
It is important to understand that the design stage of installing Solar is the most important.

“Does Greenfoot perform solar site analysis assessments?”

Absolutely! In most cases, this is the first step to see if solar is right for your project. Some locations are not right for solar because of shading and geographical reasons. Our solar advisors have been trained in this field and have the right tools to determine how efficient the location is and how much energy will your system provide in the year. It is important to understand that going solar is one of the last steps in becoming energy independent since the first steps are to ensure that your building consumes as little energy as possible and then you look at off-setting your consumption. The less you consume, the less you will need to offset. Simple right?

“What kind of services do you offer within Greenfoot Solar?”

• Photovoltaic Systems
• Solar Thermal Systems
• Grid Tied or Off Grid solutions
• Site Surveys and Planning
• System Design and Sizing
• Economic Analysis
• System Supply and Install

“Are you certified to install Solar systems?”

Greenfoot is certified by the Canadian solar institute and also have licensed Red Seal electricians that will install and service your systems.

“How much does a typical system cost and how much will it produce?”

This is the most commonly asked question and the short answer is: “It depends!”
Every system install has different variables such as mounting options, size of system, inverter type, storage vs no storage (batteries) and other variables that will affect the price. In most cases, the bigger the system, the better the price per watt. The first question you need to ask yourself is how much do you want to offset and we then size the system according to that $ amount.

“Can you at least give me a “ballpark” on how much it costs to go solar?”

Ok, if you insist:

Let’s use a case study from Greenfoot’s main headquarters in Moncton NB so that we can showcase a specific system in the real world and perform payback analysis.

Project address : 43 Driscoll Crescent, Moncton NB E1E-4C8
System size : 5KW (5,000 watts)
PV modules : Canadian solar 250 watt units
Inverter type : Micro-inverter
System design : Grid-tied Net metering agreement with NB POWER.
PV area bracket type : Pole mount (custom made with C-channel aluminum)
Total project cost : $14,000 +HST
Total estimated energy production : 6,154 kwh/year
Total dollar savings : $740.00 + HST
Simple payback calculation : +/- 19 years

“Do you offer
financing for

Absolutely! Our financing partners at Financeit can offer flexible financing packages that allow you to pay off your loan at any time without penalties. Save now, pay later.

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and provide you with estimates on recommended energy upgrades.